Pandemic Made Small Businesses Fight for Their Lives!

Pandemic Made Small Businesses Fight for Their Lives!


As we are aware, now this pandemic will change how the world works, at least a little bit. Cases are growing gradually. People are in serious condition. I do watch videos related to the pandemic, how it will end, but no one knows about it.

Now and then, I am worried about my known ones, my family, my friends. This pandemic is killing people mentally and financially more. It is affecting so much that a person cant hold his/her feelings.

People are going under mental problems more, and here in India, very few people consider psychological problems as actual problems. Most of them are depressed because of money related issues in my point of view.

People are starving, and there are no jobs. Daily I think about how poor people are managing their stuff. Do they have sufficient money or not? Do they have proper meals to eat?

I just saw a video of a 75 years old woman spinning bamboo sticks for earning. I wonder if there are so many like a massive number of people affected due to this pandemic. Everyone is trying his/her best to earn some full hand amount of money.

Although the condition is getting out of hand, the media is claiming that it is because of unnecessary crowding of people in public places, but they have to understand that some dont have a choice.

Because of this pandemic expenditure of every family is increased lack of income, people have to buy sanitizers; they have to bathe whenever they go out and come back home. This small stuff has increased the budget, and, firstly, many of them can afford it.

Small businesses and vendors are so severely affected. Whenever I go out, I see vendors approaching me to buy stuff, but now they are approaching just to feed their family.

Those emotions, you can just feel that in their eyes.

Everyone wants to buy stuff from malls and grocery stores now because they think vendors are unhygienic. But by doing this, you are legitimately killing a family, because maybe that man or woman would be the only member of the family who is earning.

I have seen such cases where people are shifting back to their native place or somewhere else where living is not so costly. Many of them lived their lives for more than 15 years in one place, and now they are leaving, it is heartbreaking.

There is darkness everywhere. Maybe it is a long tunnel to pass, or its a new chapter to begin. More than COVID 19, it is fear is killing people now.

The latest coronavirus news states that maybe the world will go under a massive economic recession. And Im worried about the middle class and poor people because they are the only ones who are affected the most.

I know such people suffering from both health and wealth problems. And during such conditions, prices increase. They are already experiencing so much difficulty, but there is more to face; it is an endless Tunnel for some of them.

People are sobbing inside, and they cant share such problematic stuff openly with anyone in the family. The pressure you can understand one woman/man is handling now days is on a different level.

There is a furniture store nearby that sells men that have no customers for 4 to 5 days. Then a couple of customers just visited that is the condition now. This is only one example; there are many of them.

Prominent businesspeople are not facing problems as such because they are financially stable. They dont meet daily livelihood problems. In comparison, the people who have a business on a smaller scale face more challenges because of meagre income and high expenditures.

Even after facing so many difficulties, they are trying to come up with ideas which can at least get them a slice of daily bread.

Just yesterday I was talking to one of my friends. I came to know that she was leaving this town upon asking why the reason was pretty heartbreaking, I will tell you why.

Her father is a beaker; to fulfil his dream, he bought a Shop of his own that required a loan.

His shop was on rent previously. It was In the month of March, he took a considerable risk, maybe the most significant risk of his life.

He also borrowed money from various people for material and material equipment. Its been four months now, and her father had no choice but to use that borrowed money for livelihood.

They are facing problems in paying the rent of the house. So, now his father has decided to move to a place which is more affordable to live in.

I was so moved by hearing this that she was born in this town, and now because of this financial crisis, they have to move, and there are no options left.

This is how people are struggling, and no one can do anything about it. Conditions are getting worse day by day. People are losing their life because of starvation and financial problems.

When I talk to my friend, I come to know how people are going through difficult times, worse than ever imagined, and the worst part is you end up feeling so helpless.

 After all this, still, her father is struggling to earn something for their family. We have to learn from this, and we have to deal with different types of people no matter what situation arises, no matter whether you are ready or not. Panic never solves problems, but a calm mind and patience do. Just find your own happiness in small things around.

 All we can do right now is hope for the best. Staying healthy is the key. We are all in this together. We must keep supporting each other, trying to help people out as much as we can. Keep humanity alive among us.

A little care can make someones day better. You never know, your one short act out of courtesy can bring a smile on someones face.

Stay happy, stay safe!!

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